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Safe from end-to-end

Its patented design adds safety during assembly, usage, recapping, disassembly, and disposal for assistants, hygienists, and dentists.

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Easy to use

Threading is built into the hub so the needle glides and becomes tight only when it bottoms out—making it clear when it is and is not secure.

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Less intimidating

Our system covers and obscures the needle except when it’s being used, reducing fear and anxiety during the delivery experience.

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Made of Grade 2 medical Fabric with AAMI level 2 standard
Durable and
machine washable
Reusable up to 100 times without deteriorating
Proprietary EverClean™ coating repels moisture and splatter
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No Touch Thermometer

This is a multi-functional infrared thermometer that could be used to measure the temperature of a patient at a short distance from the forehead. It can quickly measure the target temperature and display accurate measurement results in 1 second.

$ 45.00 USD
  • Multi-purpose: can measure human body temperature, skin temperature, surface temperature, liquid temperature, bath water temperature, rice cereal etc
  • Fast and accurate: 1 second accurate temperature measurement
  • Non-contact: 3 - 5cm measurement distance, without contacting with human skin, healthy and safe to prevent cross-infection
  • 3 Color back light to warn high temperature
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA battery ( not included )
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