Our Story

The origins of Verena Solutions harkens all the way back to 2009 and was born out of a shared frustration among dental school students at Marquette University- many of the products they used were cumbersome, prone to misuse and potentially dangerous.  None of this was the fault of Marquette, this was simply the state of technology at the time.In looking at the products commonly used in schools, it became clear the needle - long feared by patients - was actually one of the most frustrating products to both the students and administrators. The system was really never designed to be used safety or efficiently and the many 'band-aid' solutions available left much to be desired.  A change was clearly needed.

Fast forward to 2014, we took another look at this market and realized that not only had the technology not changed but the safety syringe market on the MEDICAL side was robust and so a question arose-why had the medical community adopted safety needle systems while the dental community had not? Our answer: dentistry needed a product designed for THEM that solved THEIR problems.  Porting one from the Medical side just doesn't cut it.  Given how much patient also hate needles, we saw an opportunity- create something that improves the patient experience and improves a problematic design.

Since that time, we have been working towards a product that does 3 things: improves patient comfort, increases business efficiency and adds safety for the dental staff.  SimpleCAP now represents all of those ideals and our future products promise to continue down the same direction.  Our goal is to make the WORST part of the patient experience (anesthetic delivery) one of the BEST parts.