Verena takes great pride in helping others—it shows in our products and services, and in our community activities. We’re continually involved in the areas in which we live, especially in the Chicagoland area. 

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Masks donated to local Chicago Schools


Inner city Chicago students given internships at Verena before college


Underserved members of Chicago helped through our partnership with Mobile Care Chicago

Ogden International School

This inner city high school has a robotics team boasting smart kids eager to learn. We were looking to hire paid interns, and they were just right for the job. They were new to a work environment as for many, it was their first job. They got valuable work experience, and some went to college and continue to work with us in project management during summers and weekends.

Mobile Care Chicago

This Chicago-based company provides mobile dental services in underserved parts of the city. As even minimal dental care goes a long way toward quality of life, their service is very much needed and appreciated. Verena donated masks, gloves and thermometers—PPE gear—at the height of the pandemic. Today, we continue to donate dental products as well as discount products to help them do their good work.

Lyte Collective

Lyte helped us broaden our workforce search for warehouse and assembly workers. The group offers a program for recently homeless and ex-offenders and helps them find work. We’ve donated dental products (PPE) to the group, and look to them as a resource for hiring.

By The Numbers

We're making a difference and here's the proof

Very busy and don't have time to keep their staff in the loop with which products they prefer and how much they've used

They are not technical and have so much on their plate, it's unreasonable to think...

All the user wants is great service with the best available products. A happy customer will be a customer for life.

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