SimpleCAP Sample Pack

Oder a Sample Pack of SimpleCAP Dental Safety Needles.

It’s the first-of-its-kind dental safety needle system designed to be significantly simpler, easier, and faster to use than anything else on the market. Unlike traditional needles, the SimpleCAP needle promotes safety during assembly, usage, recapping, disassembly, and disposal. The result is a needle system that makes patients more comfortable, staff safer, and the delivery of care more efficient.

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Each sample pack includes 5 short (30ga) and 5 long (27ga) simpleCAP needles

Receive Training:

Below is a link to a few training videos for this product. Please take a few minutes to review these prior to using on patients as your experience will be much better and smoother as a result. Please review this with anyone else in your office who might be using it —including assistants and hygienists.

View simplecap training videos

Here are a few starter tips:

When using SimpleCAP, hand placement is key. Please hold the system just like the user in the video, with your hand on the bottom of the sheath. The needle comes out of the top so you don't want to place your hand over there.

Please use ALL needles in the sample pack. We include 10 for a reason because this system is slightly different than what has been taught in schools for the last 50 years. It typically takes a few needles to get the hang of it, then you're a pro!

When re-locking, the system can be spun in either direction to lock, depending on user preference, and providing ease of utilization.

Download the SimpleCAP Info Sheet