Added Safety

SimpleCAP is specifically designed to add safety to the injection procedure while not inhibiting the procedure itself. We analyzed the entire procedure and broke it down, step-by-step, to highlight the unsafe steps and added a safety system to each. These features can't be bypassed so you can be sure that your staff is working safely.

Syringe-Side Safety

SimpleCAP is designed to protect the dental professional during all phases of the injection—including assembly.  We realized that much of the safety concern comes during the assembly and disassembly of the needle as the dental needle is sharp on both ends. By permanently extending the sheath below the needle end, the user can safety align and assemble SimpleCAP without fear of scraping or pricking themselves with the needle.  Additionally, we build threading into the system (unlike current brands) making for a smooth assembly and again reducing the chance for error.

Injection-Side Coverage

SimpleCAP employs a clear sheath on the patient-side of the needle to protect the dentist before, during, and after the injection.  A small hole in the top allows the needle to slide through during use while also preventing a stick between injections. In addition, SimpleCAP removes the anxiety of picking it up if the system is dropped or knocked on to the ground during procedure. The size of the sheath makes its location very clear and the user no longer needs to use cotton balls to prevent a stick.

No more chasing the cap, thanks to our easy to use, built-in recapping system


To perform the injection, simply slide the sheath down over the syringe.


When complete, or to change capsules, slide the sheath back up and lock with one hand.