Easy To Use

You spoke and we listened. After hundreds of interviews with industry professionals we decided to completely redesign the system to correct a number of known issues, creating a needle that is ergonomic, smoother and less prone to error.

current needles are prone to wobbling
SimpleCAP has straight threading

Smooth threading

Current needles often 'wobble' during threading, potentially not threading straight or flush with the syringe. This can cause leaking of anesthetic or a bent needle on the syringe side-requiring a new needle altogether. SimpleCAP has the threading built right into the hub so that the needle glides and becomes tight ONLY when it bottoms out. This makes it clear when the needle is and is NOT secure. Additionally our sheath acts as a guide, ensuring a vertical connection and preventing bent needles.

Optimized for Smooth Insertion

The syringe-side of current needles is cut diagonally, as opposed to the much sharper tip in the patient side. While this can still cause injury for the dentist, it often glances off the top of the capsule requiring re-threading or needle replacement. Since SimpleCAP uses a protective sheath on the syringe-side, we made the bevel much sharper which ensures connection with the capsule without glancing or bending.

Competitor needle
SimpleCAP needle

Standardized operation

Current needles can be assembled, disassembled, and recapped in a variety of ways. Additionally, the safety procedure requires a counterintuitive scooping approach and can be easily bypassed without much thought or performed improperly. Essentially they were designed for cost, rather than ease of use. SimpleCAP utilizes patented sheath and locking technology that provides only ONE method of operation, no matter the situation. One method of assembly, one method of capping, one method of disposal. Simple.